MENGAU (Tapioca)- A creamy Coconut Pudding


Holla!!! From my Mama’s Kitchen….

Easter is almost here and remember to try the Good Friday recipe  which is still on the blog click here.

Today’s focus is on  this delicious pudding known as Mengau which  is a creamy coconut pudding. It is a native Brazilian dish made from Cassava.

My mama makes this pudding in a heart beat. My love for this dish is deep and I have always called it mengau though most people call it Tapioca…

Tapioca is actually the Starch extracted from Cassava roots and when it is cooked in coconut milk and sugar it is then called “Mengau”.

For those that know this pudding , join the conversation and for those that don’t; welcome to the conversation and this recipe is just for you…..

Okay then let’s get to it..




1). Tapioca Granules or Pearls. 1 cup     tapioca granules


2) Coconut Milk. 1 can


3) Granulated Sugar. 1/2  cup       sugar




5) Cinamon powder . 1 teaspoon            cinamon


                                      METHODS &PREPARATION.


Soak the Tapioca in Water until it softens.

pour in just enough water to cover the raw Tapioca.


Boil the Coconut Milk in a pot. see methods for extracting coconut milk from a whole coconut Here.

Alternatively, you could buy a can of coconut Milk from your preferred Grocery Store. The brand you use is completely up to you.


Add Sugar to the Coconut Milk Boil. You could use Granulated Sugar or Cubes of Sugar. Again, this is completely up to you.  Add enough Sugar to taste and if you are a sweet tooth like my brother then you’d add  even more sugar to make it sweeter.

The healthy option would be to replace sugar with Honey.


Add the Cloves and cinamon. (this adds flavour to the pudding)


Now pour the Tapioca into the coconut milk boil stir and cook for about 15-20 minutes.

The Mengau should be thick at this stage .


What do you know , its all done and ready to be served. I told you this was easy.

If it looks  anything like the photo in this post then well done…. and if it does not its the first of many trials… don’t give up…..

Mengau could be enjoyed with evaporated milk (I like the peak brand) , you can  also jazz it up with any kind of fresh fruits you like.  Add strawberries, mangos,  bananas, apples, lime juice…whatever tickles your fancy basically.  you could even garnish your pudding with chocolate shavings.

This Pudding could be eaten as Breakfast or dinner, it could also be enjoyed as a dessert (hence the toppings and chocolate shavings)….

I’d love to know how it goes so be sure to share Food Lovers… So let’s get Cooking….



Remember to stir the pudding whilst cooking. It is okay if the bottom of the pudding sticks to the pot. Starchy foods tend to do that. be sure you don’t burn your pudding. you could turn down the heat on the stove if it is too hot…






Gurudi- A Coconut Snack



I bring you another Coconut Inspired Recipe straight out of my Grandmother’s(God rest her soul) Kitchen.

This Snack forever brings back memories from my Grandma’s Kitchen…  its a long list of snacks she had and i’d get through them eventually.

By the way, my favourite Snack from her Kitchen is actually “Kokoro”(i wonder if they still call it that )…. okay lets get back to today’s recipe… its all about GURUDI today.

Gurudi is basically a Nigerian Coconut Cookie. I grew up on this is a very Crispy Cookie and could be prepared and enjoyed by all…

If you Know Gurudi then Join the conversation and of course  you are welcome to share your experience with everyone and if you don’t, Welcome to the conversation and this Recipe is just for you….

Gurudi  is made with a combination of finely grated coconuts, sugar and cassava(tapioca) starcher Corn Starch.  Now here are the Easy Steps…….yes it is easy wink!!!!



  1. Whole  Coconut . coconut
  2. 67 grams (1/3 cup)  Granulated Sugar.sugar
  3. 85 grams(2/3 cup) of Tapioca  or Corn Starch.tapioca starch 2
  4. A pinch of nutmeg  or Cinnamon (optional).cinnamon and nutmeg



                                         METHODS & PREPARATION

  • Break down the Coconut and Separate  the shell from the White Kernel and then grate or blend.
  • In a  Large Bowl,  Mix the coconut, the starch (whichever one from the options above), Sugar ,and nutmeg  together.  you have to Mix thoroughly .
  • Then add Cinnamon or Nutmeg ( remember this is optional).
  • It is important to note that this would not be a fine mix like when you use flour . this is okay as starch is not as smooth as   an All -purpose flour mixture
  • Add some water (room temperature) to the mixture to form the dough into a ball.
  • Pre heat your oven for about 15-20minutes ( this is to ensure that the oven reaches the proper and correct temperature and it bakes the cookie evenly). A Desired Oven temperature of (170° C, 325° F).
  • Lightly grease your baking pan with butter or a little bit of cooking oil.
  • Now flatten out the dough thinly and place it on the baking tray.
  • You could cut it into whatever size you desire… its completely up to you.
  • place baking tray in the already preheated oven and bake for 15-25 minutes.


*Take out cookies when they have turned brown and hardened a bit. bring it out of the oven and allow to cool. The cookies get crispier as it cools off.

*Also, if you don’t want the stress  of breaking and grating the coconut,then  you could use already packaged finely grated coconut.

*my mama uses Cornstarch to make Gurudi , only difference between tapioca starch is that it may take a little more time to bake . Fear not it is still in the 15-25 minutes bracket. this is just so you know that corn starch is a great substitute for Tapioca powder.


If your Cookie looks like the photo in this postmen,well done…..and if it does not, remember it is the first of many trials….. so do not Give up……Try Again and Again….

Gurudi Should be stored in an air tight Jar. remember it could be enjoyed by everyone and served at every event.

Now Go try it out and let me know how it turns out Food Lovers….. I definitely want to hear how it pans out.



Preheating the Oven before baking helps to cook the food Properly and Evenly and Bakes to perfection.

FREJON- A delicacy for GoodFriday .

Yes ! Easter is almost here and the most important recipe from my mother’s kitchen for this season is “FREJON”……… Basically, FREJON  is the Portuguese word for beans.

This pudding is made  up of black beans, cooked slowly overnight over wood or charcoal fire, and then mixed with coconut milk to form a thick, sweet, smooth pudding.(this is how it was done in the old days hence the charcoal fire haha)

It is a coconut bean soup which is eaten especially during Holy Week

For those that know, join the conversation and for those that don’t; welcome to the conversation and this recipe is just for you…..


( 1). COCONUTS.coconut

(2 ). BLACK BEANS (EWA IBEJI) .images-24


                               METHODS &PREPARATION.

For 2 Large cups of dark brown beans , you will be needing 8 coconuts.

1. Pick the beans,  then wash and cook without salt until the beans is soft and tender.

2.When  the beans is cool, blend the beans and sieve the blended beans into a large bowl using warm water.

3.Extract the shaft in beans with a sieve ;If you seive for the first time and you do not have a mixture that is not sediment free, do it again.

4. Break the coconuts, separate the shell from the white Kernel and then grate or blend .

5. Add hot water to the blended coconut to extract all the milk from it using a sieve.

6. Pour the coconut milk into a large bowl .   (some will use coconut milk).

7. Finally, Pour both of  the mixtures into a large pot to avoid spill over when cooking. Add enough Sugar to taste, then allow to cook/boil until it thickens.The beans is boiled to a thick soft paste and blended with  the coconut milk.

If it looks like the photo in this post then well done…. and if it does not its the first of many trials… don’t give up…...

Frejon could be enjoyed  with Fried Fish ,peppered snail and fried stew and  of course some Garri  Ijebu over it.

FYI, my mother still  has not missed a Frejon year since I have known her …. it is totally delicious and amazeballs(wink).

Now go try it out and let me know how it turns out Food Lovers…….