Kitchen Hacks

Holla !! from my Mama’s Kitchen…

There are all  kinds of  helpful kitchen-related suggestions that  the old-timers are  ever so willing to share with the younger generations.yep! them tips…..

We call These little tips and tricks  The “kitchen hacks”, and of course they are still the same good nuggets of wisdom that they always were.

Lets start of with a few of them today….

We all need this tricks in our kitchen half the time because they really DO work…..






  1. For cleaning smelly hands after chopping onions or garlic, just rub them on a stainless steel spoon. The steel is supposed to absorb the odor.
  2. Fresh coffee beans can also absorb nasty odors from your hands.
  3. Before you chop chili peppers, rub a little vegetable oil into your hands and your skin won’t absorb the spicy chili oil.
  4. To clean fruit stains off of your fingers, rub them with a fresh, peeled potato. White vinegar can also do the trick



5. If you happen to over-salt a pot of soup, just drop in a peeled potato. The potato will absorb the excess salt.



6. When storing empty airtight containers, throw in a pinch of salt to keep them   from getting stinky.

7.When boiling eggs, add a pinch of salt to keep the shells from cracking.

8.When storing empty airtight containers, throw in a pinch of salt to keep them from getting stinky.



     9.Baking soda isn’t as effective a deodorizer for the fridge as that baking soda company would like you to believe. Activated charcoal is much better at absorbing fridge and freezer odors.

     10. Baking soda is an extremely effective cleaner, though. Use it with vinegar to deodorize drains and clean stovetops and sinks


so, here are today’s tips… hope it helps you somehow…

you could also share your tips and kitchen tricks Food Lovers…….


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