Kitchen Tricks:Peeling garlic in seconds

Hello From my Mama’s Kitchen…..

OK, people, this trick is pretty important as i got a couple of messages asking the best and stress free way to peel Garlic.

so, If you were in the dark about this too, it is indeed time to see the light. you don’t have to peel garlic with a  knife and get the skins all stuck under your finger nails and also don’t need your hands to smell of garlic for days.

here are two easy techniques ; the first is with water and the other is not…

they both work amazingly might i add.

Let me just tell you about this. You will be amazed.


How to peel a whole garlic in Seconds

Here’s what you do:

garlic 2

First you Place a full head of garlic into a  clean bowl.


garlic 3

Secondly, Place another  bowl (same-sized bowl) over top to create a Dome for the Garlic.

Now, hold on to the two sides of the bowl and shake it.  you could shake it vigorously for about 17- 20 seconds depending on how strong you are .. lol!! shake it until you have achieved the desired result.

garlic 4

Here’s what happened! Really! It all just kind of falls apart and the skins fall off without even touching a knife.



garlic 5



The Second method 

for this technique,  all you have to do is SMASH, SHAKE, and SEPARATE! ( i know rite!! it sounds fun already).

garlic smash

However, The hard surface might work more efficiently than tupperware/plastic in breaking  the garlic apart . At the end of the day he choice is yours , so whatever works best for you is what you choose.

Now thats how you peel Garlic the easy way in seconds…..go on and use your cloves of Garlic Food Lovers, and remember to share………

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