Hello!! from my Mama’s Kitchen  to your Kitchen…..

Today’s Recipe is all about Oatmeal.

I  personally eat Oats for its taste and nutrition and many other benefits, after all Nothing says “good morning” like a warm bowl of oatmeal.

Whether slowly cooked and creamy or blended with fresh fruit in a smoothie, oats provide your body with many benefits.

If you’ve tried oatmeal before and didn’t like it, reconsider. I shall show you two Methods/ways to enjoy OATS.. the first is as a Porridge and the other a typical African Swallow.

Oat meal is  really healthy.. so let’s start off with some health benefits….


Health Benefits of Eating Oats

  • Oats are rich in a specific type of fiber called beta-glucan. This particular type of fiber is known to help lower levels of bad cholesterol.
  •  Oats Provides high levels of fiber, low levels of fat, and high levels of protein.
  • Oatmeal is a source of fiber. That means when you eat oats for breakfast, you’re going to feel full for a long time and stops cravings which helps control your weight.
  • Oatmeal is a whole grain, and eating whole grains can lower your risk for several diseases, including high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.
  •  Oatmeal Enhances immune response to disease.
  • It tastes good!


Okay lets get to this recipe Already…

For the first method, A steaming bowl of fresh cooked oatmeal is the perfect way to start your day.


1/3 cup old fashioned oats oatss
1 cup waterwater 2
Pinch of salt(optional)salt




1.    Boil some water in a pot..
2.    Put some oats in a bowl and add some water (just enough to cover the oats)  let it sit for a bit.
3.   Add the soaked oats to the boiling water.
4.    Add your salt.(if desired)
5.    Bring to a boil then turn heat down and simmer, stirring frequently till thick, adding more water if necessary.

 It’s  that simple;simply put all of the ingredients in a pot, bring to a boil, turn heat down and simmer, stirring frequently till thick, adding more water if necessary.

If you’re not eating oatmeal for breakfast, you’re missing out on a delicious way to add fiber.



Now the Second method, still using the same ingredients.


  1. Blend oats with a little bit of water in a blender.
  2. place a pot on the stove.
  3. now add the blend into the hot pot and stir the mix just like you’d normally with your African swallows.
  4. stir mixture on the stove with a wooden spoon  until it thickens.

And there you have it. this could be served as lunch and enjoyed with any soup you desire. I had mine with Okoro soup and yes it was Yummy!!!

If it looks  anything like the photo in this post then well done…. and if it does not its the first of many trials… don’t give up…..try again…




Tips/Take away

  • Studies have shown that 1 bowl of oatmeal a day (3 grams of soluble oat fiber) typically lowers total cholesterol by 8-23%.
  • Combining fruit or nuts with your oats while they’re cooking adds more nutrients.
  • Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg give great flavor to your oats.
  •  Limit any sugars and let the natural flavor of the fruits and spices take over.
  • try to find a different way to eat it every day.


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